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Cost-effective and reliable packaging for your products.


The optimal packaging for each product is designed individually, and the requirements are always the same: maximum protection at a reasonable cost. We have been producing packaging according to this philosophy for 50 years that is customer-oriented and easy on the environment.

Package engineering

Individual packaging for each product designed by engineers for your goods in order to optimise transport, packaging and production processes.


  • Development of individual packaging solutions based on the packaged goods, transport requirements, customer’s specifications and the many years of experience of our employees
  • Selection of material from a wide range of different engineered woods right through to plastics and metals
  • Design and construction using current CAD systems
  • Production of a prototype
  • Testing for practical suitability (e.g. drop test, vibration test)
  • Production of the packaging developed


We are your reliable partner for export.

Export packaging

Reliable packaging – safely shipped all over the world, whether by ship, plane or land routes.


  • Inspection of the packaged goods at the customer’s site, based on technical drawings or after delivery to our works
  • Construction of cases whilst taking into account transportation routes as well as the weight and nature of the packaged goods
  • Calculating statics of packages for heavy loads
  • Selection of a suitable anti-corrosion measures, adapted to the product to be packaged, the transportation route and storage time
  • Production of packaging means in our company
  • Packaging by our specially trained staff at the customer’s site or in our factory
  • Professional container stowage incl. stowage plan, weighing

Packaging production

Efficient production made possible by our well-rounded specialists and modern machinery.


  • Flexible production of various packaging means according to your specifications and/or our designs
  • Optimisation of your packaging process for the packaging mean tailored to the respective product
  • Crates (with fittings), crates, squared timber structures, special-use pallets, multi-trip packaging
  • Production according to HPE guidelines and IPPC standards


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